What is the Anboli subscription ID? What use is this?

Used for SMART professor self assessment report. Also used for any communication with Vethathiri Publications. Anboli subscription ID follows a naming convention as >>>>>> for annual subscription and >>>>>> for lifetime subscription.

I have paid for the physical copy subscription but unable to access the online APP?

Please send an email to anboli@vethathiri.ac.in with anboli payment receipt details

How to download anboli app for android phones?

Using google playstore app or you can refer this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.anboli.anboli

How to download anboli app for iphone users?

Anboli app will be available in apple store soon.

How to login to Anboli app?

You can login using your anboli subscription ID or mobile number or email id. In case you have a trouble during login, please contact it@vethathiri.ac.in

How to reset password for Anboli app?

Use the change password link in App.

Is there support available for anboli app?

Send email to anboli@vethathiri.ac.in

Is there a contact phone number to call?

Email support is available for now: anboli@vethathiri.ac.in

What are the payment details for Anboli?

Once you login to the App, you can view the payment details by clicking on "Subscription Details" menu in the app.

How do we pay and subscribe for online Anboli App?

After you login to the app, Click on menu item "Subscriptions" to pay and subscribe for Anboli app.

What contents are available in Anboli APP?

Anboli app has Aliyar News, Vethathiri Maharishi Videos, Anboli Magazine etc.,

Is there a free version of Anboli App available?

The app is free to download and use. However you need to be a subscribed user to view content marked as premium.

What do premium users get in Anboli APP?

Access to all the premium content including Maharishi videos, latest Anboli magazine, etc.,